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28/02/2020 0

Importance of Reading Reviews Online (Also When Choosing College)

By Melba Kipp

There are many colleges around the globe that you only need to be sure of what you want in a school. While you may visit the school in person, you can also use online reviews to guide you to the...

Engineering Education

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18/10/2019 Off

What to Know About Outsourcing Galvanization

By Melba Kipp

Throughout industry and construction, galvanized steel sees widespread use wherever corrosion resistance is important. However, your manufacturing facility may not have the capacity for in-house galvanization—there's a cost in time...

16/10/2019 Off

Sheet Metal Has Many Uses Beyond Basic Construction

By Melba Kipp

Those thin to thick pieces of metal have many applications in the construction world. However, you can easily take these shoots and fabricate them to use in decorative work and...

09/10/2019 Off

Creating a Safe Workplace

By Melba Kipp

Employers are required to provide their employees with a safe workplace. Creating a safe workplace can be made easier, by breaking the process into manageable chunks. Make Sure You Meet...

15/08/2019 Off

Three Benefits of MEP Engineering Services

By Melba Kipp

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering services are designed to help architects, contractors and building owners have systems which run smoothly and function as desired. This can mean planning out the...

11/06/2019 Off

Mining Solutions: Keeping South Africa’s Economy Strong throughout History

By Melba Kipp

South Africa’s economy was arguably built on mining along with agriculture. Mining brought us the City of Gold and put the country on the map as a leading mineral exporter....

10/04/2019 Off

How to Gain Better Perspective of Your Business Problems and Fix Them

By Melba Kipp

Businesses, especially startups, still have to iron out the fine details that make a business successful. These details, when left to their own devices, can become problems that bring down...

Science Education

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15/10/2019 Off

Different Kinds of Tanks

By Melba Kipp

Have you ever stopped to consider some of the different kinds of tanks in use? Wherever you go, there are likely to be visible as well as invisible tanks somewhere...