Mining Solutions: Keeping South Africa’s Economy Strong throughout History

11/06/2019 Off By Melba Kipp

South Africa’s economy was arguably built on mining along with agriculture. Mining brought us the City of Gold and put the country on the map as a leading mineral exporter. South Africa is a world leader in mining and as such boasts many expert mining solutions geared to boost the economy on its trajectory towards further transformation.

Mining Solutions in South Africa: Then

The history of Johannesburg is deeply rooted in the early mining practices of South Africa. The huge influx of those seeking fortune into Witwatersrand and Johannesburg would shape the cities into becoming what we know them as today. These central hubs for business and trade were a result of the mineral wealth and retrieving it via expert mining solutions. This flood of people to the cities lead to the development of transport and communication infrastructures still in use today.

This wealth, especially from gold mining, allowed South Africa to pay all external debts while employing more South Africans than ever before. The influx of workers provided a market for secondary industries like engineers developing mining solutions and attracting secondary industries like banking. Where has the mining of minerals taken South Africa and its economy?

African Mining Solutions: Now

The past is not without its mistakes, but it has been found that mineral mining in South Africa and the African mining solutions developed to retrieve them safely and successfully have had a significant impact on the South African economy. South Africa’s mineral wealth reserves remain among the highest at an estimated $2.5 trillion. Due to the fact that cheap labor is no longer available, expert mining solutions need to be employed to get the most out of the costs it takes to retrieve minerals. African mining solutions are constantly innovating to find new ways that they can add value to your operation.