Decision Of Career Path

03/06/2018 Off By Dorothy Heath

With the changing times the lust for a lucrative career has increased to such a level that parents want to live their dreams through their children with or without their child’s wish. Statistically 25{51acae1ca3046a39ba653f05f9544afbbed6004ca5e2c4cad2f8baeac764092d} of the students choose a particular stream by their own free will other 75{51acae1ca3046a39ba653f05f9544afbbed6004ca5e2c4cad2f8baeac764092d} are just obliging to the notion of “parents know what is best for their child”. Pressed under the mountain of expectations and huge amount of worthless society pressure, the students in this day sweat to compete; compete with Mr. Shukla’s son who happens to be their next door neighbor and Mr. Murugan’s Son living 2000km from their place who he has never met.

A vital role in this marathon for admissions to an institute of legacy like IIT’s or AIIMS is played by commercial entrance test preparation centers such has AKASH, FIITJEE, NARAYANA, MISSION PMT for some to name. They do help the students to prepare for the entrance exam, but with a few unanswered questions. For Amit, who is a brilliant student at basic subjects taught in his school and just another regular high school graduate the question that lingers is “to be or not to be” a part of the crowd running and working relentlessly for a goal they haven’t even chosen? Amit wants to understand why he should be in the race where everyone is following each other like a herd of sheep, and if the path projected for the goal, which he probably isn’t too keen on is the right one for him. What if he wants to go in a different direction and wants to Study Medicine Abroad?

While the Modern education system does not lack the zing and zeal of shaping a career, but does lack the soul of education itself. Today’s education is equal to a job, guaranteeing career while what it should be is the personal & the intellectual development of its pursuer which allows him to have freedom to be what he desires to be irrespective of one wrong decision he made just after graduating from high school. Cheapest Medical Schools can give you respite from that mistake.

Amit today, wants to be something, which he isn’t sure of. He doesn’t want to believe in people who say that the crossroads that he is now on will decide if he just survives in this challenging world or lives. He wants to see the horizon, the vastness of the world of education and the limitless opportunities that the real education will offer him. Amit doesn’t want to be just a doctor or an engineer, he strives to be ‘The Doctor’ or ‘The Engineer’ who has paved his own path and followed his own will and gathered his own experience and can make a difference. Amit today wants an education system that challenges his growth limits and intellect rather than his capacity to cram, mug up and strength of staying awake with the books. Amit wants to be able to define an answer to every other Amit in the country who also is struggling whether to be or not to be. Top Medical Schools is the answer to the raised question if they want to pursue quality education.