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Decision Of Career Path

With the changing times the lust for a lucrative career has increased to such a level that parents want to live their dreams through their children with or without their child’s wish. Statistically 25{51acae1ca3046a39ba653f05f9544afbbed6004ca5e2c4cad2f8baeac764092d} of the students choose a particular stream by their own free will other 75{51acae1ca3046a39ba653f05f9544afbbed6004ca5e2c4cad2f8baeac764092d} are just obliging to the notion of “parents know what is best for their child”. Pressed under the mountain of expectations and huge amount of worthless society pressure, the students in this day sweat to compete; compete with Mr. Shukla’s son who happens to be their next door neighbor and Mr. Murugan’s Son living 2000km from their place who he has never met.

A vital role in this marathon for admissions to an institute of legacy like IIT’s or AIIMS is played by commercial entrance test preparation centers such has AKASH, FIITJEE, NARAYANA, MISSION PMT for some to name. They do help the students to prepare for the entrance exam, but with a few unanswered questions. For Amit, who is a brilliant student at basic subjects taught in his school and just another regular high school graduate the question that lingers is “to be or not to be” a part of the crowd running and working relentlessly for a goal they haven’t even chosen? Amit wants to understand why he should be in the race where everyone is following each other like a herd of sheep, and if the path projected for the goal, which he probably isn’t too keen on is the right one for him. What if he wants to go in a different direction and wants to Study Medicine Abroad?

While the Modern education system does not lack the zing and zeal of shaping a career, but does lack the soul of education itself. Today’s education is equal to a job, guaranteeing career while what it should be is the personal & the intellectual development of its pursuer which allows him to have freedom to be what he desires to be irrespective of one wrong decision he made just after graduating from high school. Cheapest Medical Schools can give you respite from that mistake.

Amit today, wants to be something, which he isn’t sure of. He doesn’t want to believe in people who say that the crossroads that he is now on will decide if he just survives in this challenging world or lives. He wants to see the horizon, the vastness of the world of education and the limitless opportunities that the real education will offer him. Amit doesn’t want to be just a doctor or an engineer, he strives to be ‘The Doctor’ or ‘The Engineer’ who has paved his own path and followed his own will and gathered his own experience and can make a difference. Amit today wants an education system that challenges his growth limits and intellect rather than his capacity to cram, mug up and strength of staying awake with the books. Amit wants to be able to define an answer to every other Amit in the country who also is struggling whether to be or not to be. Top Medical Schools is the answer to the raised question if they want to pursue quality education.

Robotics and Automation Engineering

Any student, who is interested in the field of Robotics and Automation engineering, has a world of opportunities to do the same. So many universities offer good quality education to their students of this subject. Ukraine has truly become the hub of education for the mentioned field. With good quality education at low fees, its colleges are considered to be among the top aviation institutes of Europe and at par with any other renowned college in the world.

With beautiful cities of Kiev, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odessa etc. who are of great historic and strategic importance to boast about, Ukraine also has world-class education facilities for all the aspiring students. This country not only focuses on providing quality education to its own citizens, but also is keen on inviting foreign candidates for education. The best part about education here is that the focus is not about cramming the textbooks, but the overall development of students with the help of equal importance to be given to theory as well as practical application. The overall development also includes co-curricular activities for the benefit of students in the mental as well as physical development of the candidates. And that’s not all; this quality education is offered at very nominal fees, as already discussed above.

The proof of the quality of education imparted here can be, the alumni of the institutes situated here, who have been absorbed by the reputed organizations worldwide. A few of the universities are recognized and accredited by not only the Ukrainian Government but also by UNESCO.

Coming back to the Robotic systems field, the courses offered provide learning in the vocational and practical disciplines such as the basis of program design for robotic systems, robotic complexes and systems in aviation and space engineering, electrical engineering, electronics and microprocessor engineering, theory of technical systems, history of engineering activity and robotics, hydraulics, hydro- and pneumatic drives, technological basis of robotized production, maintenance and servicing of industrial robots, bases of flexible production, dynamic durability of industrial robots, mathematical basis of robotic systems, theory of control, bases of robotic systems designing, industrial robotics, electromechanical drives of robots and engineering tools with numerical programmed control, electronic elements and devices, physical-technical bases of robotized production and so many more to provide the proper learning of the course in question.

Info of Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

Astronautical engineering encompasses the dynamic and the other fields of advance science and space technology. Space is increasingly important for our economy and national security as well as exploration. Space engineer design and build rockets and missiles, space launches, communication and direct broadcasting satellites, space navigation system, remote sensing, space vehicles for human space spaceflight and planetary probe. They also operate earth orbiting space system from the ground control system.

The engineering is intellectually fit, and blending the science and engineering fundamentals with specialized astronautics knowledge. The graduates in these are prepared to join the space industry and government space research and development centers.

To get in the education of astronautical engineer, you typically need a degree in both engineering or a degree in mechanical engineering with a focused career option in an aerospace engineer.

The engineering enthusiasts who plan to major in aeronautical or astronautical engineering should have a solid background in the high school math and science stream subject. Students should also have a scientific curiosity on be both imaginative and analytical in their thought process.

Job duties of astronautical engineer

• Involves in participation in research and development programs
• Prepare technical report and other documentation such as handbooks or bulletins, for use by engineering staff
• Maintain detailed records relating to the equipment, materials, and performance
• Evaluate and modify existing designs by formulating mathematical models or applying computed based methods
• Plan and conduct environmental, experimental, or operational tests on existing models of aerospace systems.

Astronautical engineers are hired by organizations involved in the development and manufacturing of spacecraft and related equipment and components, such as satellites, weapons, and defense systems. They are also hired by aircraft and space agencies and executive agencies that focus on the scientific research and engineering projects.

They are typically required to be licensed as professional engineers, as their work affects public safety. To be licensed as a professional engineer, one needs to meet the following requirements

• A degree from an accredited engineering program
• Passing score on the fundamental of engineering
• Relevant work experience

Similarities between aeronautics and astronautical engineering

Both the engineering option investigate the aerodynamics, structural aspects, propulsion concepts and flight navigation and control but the major difference arises in the primary focus of each of the fields of aircraft and spacecraft. For example- the airplanes use the air in which they travel to generate lift but rocket encounters the air primarily as drag and at much higher speeds and for a relatively shorter span of “missile time”.

Different Sections of Civil Engineering

In this course the edifices are required to be planned, constructed and maintained. When design models are prepared and planned, then they are required to be implemented which is the course of action of this study. The administration of field work of the whole project is the working area of this study.

When transport facilities are planned, constructed and maintained, then it is the working area of Transportation Engineering. The whole concentration is laid down on the protected, comfy, easy, economical and environmental well-matched mode of transport. It comprises six sections and they are waterways, air, highway, aerospace, ocean, urban and coastal transportation.

In this course the interrelation and reaction of earth materials on the structure which is going to be constructed, are studied and analyzed. The foundation, bearing capacities and soil are taken into account.

Water Resource
It comprises the construction and design of structures related to water such that canals, dams and water distribution system. To implement and taking safety precautions in relation to the design of the structures is the working area of this education.

This branch deals with the survey of field area and prepares a plan and design model of the building before construction. Different instruments are used for such a purpose.

This education deals with urban government so as to plan and manage the implementation and design of buildings of towns. Its engineers work with government officials belonging to municipality.

It deals with that designs and projects which has full compatibility with the environment. It comprises the study of the effects of pollution, resolution and sewage management of buildings. It provides ways to establish the compatibility between environment, designs and projects.

This course works on marine and coastal edifices by including embankments. It carries out that learning process in which it is ensured that whether the erecting of edifice takes place properly or not, even they lay emphasis on the fact that the edifice is not agitating the coastal regions.

Final Year Engineering Students

Collect References:

All that you need to keep in mind is that the topic you choose must be reachable to the audience. Make sure there are literature works available to refer. It is advisable not to refer textbooks or periodicals or journals. The academic based literature adds value to your project. Indian Universities prefer IEEE/Science Direct/ACM publications as valid reference base. Colleges affiliated to Anna University accept IEEE as reference work. At times universities refuse conference papers as reference work when it comes to M.E students.

Students are expected to be exposed to practical works than just sticking to the literature work. So the universities expect the paper works to be an enhancement of the reference work and not just a theoretical improvisation of the base paper. For technologies like MatLab/NS2/VLSI/Embedded C/Java/J2EE/Dot Net candidates should choose a company which train and help in implementing the paper work.

Spend your valuable time wisely:

You need to be well prepared to manage your time and spend several hours in academic libraries to search for good reference works. Google is always there in reach but remember that not all the articles are under quality control and they might be too journalistic which cannot help you with academic writing.

Make a plan of the chapter:

One form of representing your work is like the below.

• Introduction

• Literature review

• Updating/applying new research

• Recent developments

• Case study/small survey

• Conclusion

You need to read a lot around the chosen subject and make an initial plan and progress accordingly. Your initial plan will keep changing as you do more research works. So keep revising your plan chart. Do remember that it is just a tentative plan in this stage. You will be asked to provide your initial copy of the plan on the first substantive meeting.

You may not do all the reading before you actually start the writing. Read enough to just write the literature review and then start with a target of 500 to 1000 words per day and you will see a progress in your work.

Use Academic Projects to your advantage:

Most of the interviews are around your projects. It is so to check your practical skills. So your project gives you an opportunity to excel during the time of interview. Be honest with your academic project and make the best out of it.

Engineering Colleges in Haryana

1. National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra

NIT, Kurukshetra is government established engineering institute that provides undergraduate, post-graduate programmes in Engineering and Doctor of Philosophy programme in Humanities, Engineering and Sciences. It is one of the 31 NITs in the country.

Academics – The college provides four-year undergraduate programmes in several fields. It also offers post-graduate courses in the similar fields. Besides that, it also provides Ph.D. research programmes in various fields of science, humanities and engineering. It also offers MBA.

Admissions – Admission to the undergraduate courses is through JEE Main. Admission to post-graduate courses depends upon the course:

· Master of technology – through GATE score

· Master of Business Administration – though CAT/JMET followed by GD-PI

· Master of Computer Application – through NIMCET score

The Institute is ranked 10th among all the NITs in the country.

2. YMCA University of Science and Technology, Faridabad

Established in 1969, started as an Indo-German project, YMCA University of Science and Technology is an autonomous institution of engineering.

Academics – The university offers undergraduate four-year programmes in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology and various other fields. It also provides two-year M.Tech programme and MBA.

Admissions – Anyone who wishes to join any of the above mentioned courses in engineering needs to appear foe JEE. Admission will take place on the basis of JEE score.

For MBA, the admission is on the basis of CAT/MAT but first class engineering graduates will also be considered.

3. University Institute of Engineering and Technology Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak

The UIET Maharshi Dayanand University was established in 2005 with the aim of providing high quality education in engineering and technology.

Academics – The college provides four-year courses in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biotechnology, and various other fields. It also provides M. Tech in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Electronics Communication Engineering, etc.

Admissions- Admission to B. tech is through JEE-Main score and Admission to the M. Tech courses is through GATE score and also through institute conducted separate test.

Must know about Industrial Engineering

The main cause for the drastic development in Western and European countries is due to this. This engineering section believes in the concepts of low price and high production. Industrial Engineering adopts and alters its techniques in accordance with the business structure of a particular sector.

It is a broader concept, and we provide expertise tips to cautiously approach this technique to all the interested people out there.

This Engineering segment is that branch of engineering knowledge and practices which-

Analyses, measures and improves the methods of performing the assigned tasks to individuals.

Designs and installs better systems of integrating the tasks assigned to a group.

Specifies, Predicts and evaluates the results obtained.

It does so by applying to materials, equipment, and works specialized knowledge and skill in the mathematical and physical sciences and the principles and methods of engineering analysis and design.

The contribution of industrial engineering lies in the management of decision – making process. The problems existing in this area deal with the optimum utilization of men, materials, equipment and energy to achieve the purpose of organization.

The managers of the organization need factual information arranged to define alternatives and consequences to help them recognize and solve existing problems. Industrial engineering collects analysis and arranges this information in such a way as to fulfill the management need, as well as searches for better way to do the job. Industrial engineering operate in two major areas, the design of new systems and the maintenance and improvement of existing systems.

Present management expects industrial engineering to be capable of assisting in and performing the following services.

Assist management on cost reduction.

Assist management in increasing the productivity of human and productive resources.

Develop management information flow systems.

Conduct organizational studies and design new organizational systems.

Develop data processing and computer control system.

Co-ordinate development of corporate maintenance policies and programmes.

Formulate and recommend corporate inventory management policies and rules.

Initiate, develop and recommend corporate equipment replacement policies.

Assist management in developing production strategies.

Develop production planning and scheduling procedures.

Establish engineered standards of performance for management control.

Determine and recommend the optimum usage of plant, equipment and office facilities.

Verify economic feasibility of capital expenditure requests.

Conduct manufacturing and office methods survey.

Provide help to all levels of management in solving problems requiring statistical and applied mathematical analysis.

Assist management in decision-making through the use of computers or through the development of mathematical models stimulating complex business problems.

Co-ordinate studies involving line and staff functions crossing divisional lines.

Assist management in formulating and developing corporate policies and procedures.

Develop and recommend production and quality control programmers.

Choose College Major

Choosing a Specific Career Path

If you already know which career you’re looking forward to when you graduate, it becomes easier to choose your specialized area of study. However, before you decide that you want to go down that career path, look into the relevant discipline. Check out the syllabus and subjects you will have to take on. Talk to students in the department of your choice. Are you sure you’re ready for the coursework involved?

Future Earning Potential

Pay scale can be a major factor for students who are planning to take out a loan for their education. Trying to pay it back while barely scraping through, hardly makes sense when you have invested so much in college. Courses like Engineering, Actuarial Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Statistics and Economics lead to the highest salaries. That being said, your six-figure salary won’t be worth it if you’re not content with the career path you have chosen for yourself.

Favourite Subjects

If there is a particular subject that you absolutely love, then it’s a great sign that you have found your area of study. Proclivity for a subject can translate into better understanding of the subject matter and better grades. Eventually, you will be able to get into a job that truly holds meaning for your passion.

Explore Your Interests

If you’re not sure about what you want to study, exploring your underlying interests might help you find what you’re looking for. Talk to your teachers and advisors to help you find your best fit. Who knows? You may end up on the right track.

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering is a career path that is your calling. For those whose eyes are in the skies, then becoming an aerospace engineering can be a good choice.

For the young, the inspiring minds are in the field of Aerospace engineering, a graduate should have the ability to think out of the box and should have precise technical knowledge about the draft and design of various kinds of aero machines and work on the process of the aerospace propulsion and aerodynamics.


To get to work in the insight of the engineering, the branch of the intelligent engineering is the powerhouse that helps the inspiring minds to deal with the coming up with analytical and critical solutions to the engineering problems encountered during the designing work. As they would be working on design projects related to national security plans, they should have an ability to maintain confidentiality on certain issues.

Education requirements

To hook and stick with the career that is moreover known as intelligent engineering, one needs to get along with the good grades in the intermediate education. The subjects include:
• Physics
• Chemistry
• Mathematics
• English

Students need to find a technical endeavor to get stick numerous outstanding achievements of humankind with the story of the Wright brothers.

Aerospace engineering- Future calling engineering for students

When considering to the field of aerospace engineering, it is composed of the elements like the aircraft and spacecraft. The first is that in which aerospace engineers perform work for aircraft. These aerospace engineer jobs are involved in the science, design, and construction of aircraft. The other is the spacecraft engineering that involves the workforce of the engineers dealing with the spacecraft propulsion and the dynamics properties.

This highly regarded field of aircraft and aerospace engineering is a very competitive one and challenging also. While there are numerous colleges and universities that offer aerospace engineering, most focus on air flight rather than space flight. There are only a few universities the world over with highly developed astronautical engineering programs, making the competition for admittance to such a program very high as well. So from the student’s point of view, it is required to get new learning’s in the different vertical to see a rise in yourself with the different scope, that matter for you with the degrees.

Engineering the Best Career Option

In our daily life, we constantly prefer a secure way to handle various situations, and education is no different in this context. However, we always give special importance to the career-related decisions, getting into the intermediate schooling could be one of the best examples. We know that higher education system needs transparency in every move, but still, we give equal attention to intermediate study circle too, just to upkeep the basic level education. But this kind of approach is now moved to next level; as a result, our preference is more towards the reputed schools these days, and the educational environment will help a student to build a strong base to perform well in higher studies.

Moreover, the higher education system is not different in comparison with lower grade studies. Whereas the selection of a college depends upon the placement track record of previous years and the present education standard of the institute, the best part is people are getting used to this type of process. But the way of thinking changes according to the time, and also the surrounding environment. So, we can say that our preferences for the studies aren’t same as before, most of our decisions are now based on the current trend and the best option to match our requirements.

Over the past decade, engineering has been one of the top-rated career choices around the country. Big cities such as Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, and Chennai has produced the many job opportunities and provided a nest to several engineers. But, in last four years, the lack of jobs in engineering field has affected the budding engineers and prominence to the engineering is decreasing. The abrupt downfall in employment is just a sign of lacking a quality education, and the lack of required skills in a graduate, which are basic need to satisfy the industry standard.

“In present days, the engineering jobs are skills driven, so the companies will give prominence to the skills set rather than only academic performance.”

The change is inevitable for a reason, if it confides a strong intent, then we have to adapt it for a fruitful outcome. In the same way, if you are not sure about your decision of choosing engineer as a career path, then ask these questions to yourself, if you are able to answer them without any hiccups then you will be confident about your next move!

* Is that okay if you are surrounded by challenging atmosphere?
* Heartbreaks are common in exams, is that manageable for you?
* Days after engineering: You will get a job opportunity based on your skills; grades could be just part of it
* The beginning: Selecting an engineering college is the new challenge, how will you handle it?

The modern engineering education system has changed the way of teaching, and the students don’t rely on the faculty anymore, instead, they study independently and seek faculty help only when required. So the mindset of a student should welcome such practices.

Initial days of engineering would make you feel uneasy due to a college environment, interaction with the lecturers, and the daily routine. It takes some time to adjust to the new beginning, and it is challenging for a student to learn how to take an individualistic decision in day-to-day life to face the new world.